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Lauren Suever

Meet our lead instructor and owner of Decorum CF. Lauren has almost a decade worth of CrossFit experience. Suffering from unhealthy habits and wanting to change her lifestyle she stumbled upon CrossFit and fell in love. While the typical individual joins a fitness program to lose weight, Lauren was looking to gain some muscle and get stronger. In 2013 Lauren became a Level 1 Instructor and has been helping people achieve their goals since. She now possess a Level 2 certification as well as her gymnastics and endurance certification. Lauren specializes in teaching olympic weightlifting as well. She has worked with multiple national and world level weightlifting coaches. Lauren holds state record titles in all three weightlifting categories and is a top ranked CrossFit athlete. In her free time Lauren spends times with her fiance Nick and fur babies Henry, Leo, and Gracie. Lauren also works at the hospital as a surgical nurse specializing in orthopedics. "CrossFit has filled a void in my life and has inspired me to help others on their fitness journey." - Lauren

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